Whether you’re looking for traditional or digital marketing solutions, the critical constant remains high-value content. Working with many of America’s leading food retailers, wholesalers, consumer product goods and food service companies, we deliver best-in-class content in a variety of formats.

Traditional Magazines, Catalogs and Cookbooks…
The Original Interactive Tool?

Available in a variety of sizes, our custom magazines connect with customers and offer many important benefits:

  • High-value meal-solutions, food trends, beverage pairings and more get delivered directly to your top customers.
  • High-quality leave-behind marketing piece for your sales team increases the value of
    your investment.
  • Drive readers to your online assets through targeted custom ads, advertorial, QR codes, etc.
  • Build your brand as a reliable “foodie” resource.
  • Can be designed to fit any budget.
  • Ideal for new product launches and marketing support.


A portable “foodie” resource – ideal for smartphones and tablets!

Most companies have one website. This makes sense from a marketing perspective, but is not very effective for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). An individual website can only be effectively optimized for a limited amount of terms. In general, the more targeted the content on a website, the better it will rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. By using microsites you can be much more targeted for topics, services and geographies in the website code and content. With an expanded online presence, with back links to client websites, this approach can make a significant difference in driving consumer online traffic.

A customized microsite, or content hub makes recipe and foodie content available to customers regardless of medium. Our microsites link seamlessly to client websites, and can be customized with client logo, back links, social media sharing and more through mobile responsive, attractive and effective site design.



Turn tablets into virtual kitchens!

Our HTML5 desktop, tablet and mobile friendly ePublication is optimized for viewing on tablets and smartphones. NO app or lengthy downloads needed with this web-based application. Each page can be shared via social with videos embedded for quick playback, bonus links and more! The perfect companion to any hard copy publication.


Social Marketing Assets and Support

Customized social produces powerful results!

Our team has launched successful digital and social media programs using custom recipes, foodie articles, how-to videos and more. We’ve also recently added a social sharing app that allows our clients to take advantage of relevant, prepared social media posts that can be posted right to their pages with a click of a button.

Custom Video

Custom-branded video is ideal for
social media.

As more and more shoppers (especially millennials) “watch” instead of “read” online content, video is a must-have social media tool. Our growth strategy for any YouTube Channel or Facebook page is to engage its audience and become a better social experience. The key to organic growth, website traffic, and ultimately, new and repeat customers is premium content that customers seek out.