Relevant Branded Content

Relevant, unique and useful branded content produced by Vimax Media is all about food.
Content marketing attracts consumers by providing interesting and useful information a target audience finds helpful. By delivering this high-value content, brands build trust. Research has shown when consumers trust a brand, they are more likely to reward that brand with loyalty and purchases.
For 20 years, we have specialized in creating compelling food content and delivering that content to our clients at a fraction of the original development costs. Regional flavor profiles, health-conscious diets, contemporary trends, value recipes, fresh and fast meals, seasonal favorites and more are all part of our custom food library.
Regardless of generation… millennial, gen x, y, or baby boomer, there’s one constant that holds true: everyone likes to eat. This simple truth is what we are all about. We craft professional custom foodie content that accomplishes exactly what our clients need – customers that are hungry for more!

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Omni-channel marketing is important for the simple reason that today’s sales messages need to be where customers are, regardless of device or medium, and customers are everywhere.


The critical constant remains high-value content. Working with many of America’s leading food retailers, wholesalers, consumer product goods and food service companies, ViMax Media delivers best-in-class content in a variety of formats.