Custom Video & Photography

We’re now equipped with an in-house studio test kitchen! Our professional on-staff video production and culinary teams can support your social marketing efforts with complete, full-service, turn-key custom video production. Get powerful ROI with our video services that are designed to engage and grow your social media following. Available in longer formats like recipe demonstrations for websites, quick-hit how-to videos for Facebook, and stop-motion for Instagram.
  • Full kitchen supports in-house photo studio
  • Accommodates both home-kitchen demos and foodservice needs with multiple stovetop ranges, ovens, and a commercial microwave
  • Hundreds of props, linens, serving ware, cookware, etc.
  • Built-in state-of-the-art studio lighting
Facebook videos are getting an average of 8 billion views per day and growing. With the current shift in video consumption, we have created a library of short, relevant, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube optimized videos to help our clients take advantage of this growing trend. Plus, we offer mouthwatering photography that is ideal for any social media platform or marketing channel.

A recent survey done by Minio Studio showed that 57% of millennials have tried a recipe they saw on social media. This is the main source for cooking inspiration from this age group. Using our custom videos and photography, you can spark ideas that drive impulse purchases in-store and create return visits to your site for more inspiration.


Omni-channel marketing is important for the simple reason that today’s sales messages need to be where customers are, regardless of device or medium, and customers are everywhere.


The critical constant remains high-value content. Working with many of America’s leading food retailers, wholesalers and food service companies, Vimax Media delivers best-in-class content in a variety of formats.